Why is your employability important?

Why is your employability important?

Why is your employability important?


Sago collector’s daughter Anita Sude savours success through SL1M.

Your employability has implications not only on your personal career growth, but also the growth of organisations and the nation.According to Azillea Hashim of Infineon Technologies “graduates must recognise that they are the country’s assets and are important to employers … (The) quality of manpower is (also) important to investors to ensure a profitable investment.

“Both employees and employers play a major role in ensuring continuous value chains of productivity.”

As students of institutions of higher learning, you can do your part to enhance your employability.

Our industry experts have shared their insights and industry know-how to help equip you with the right skills.

Pick up the relevant tips. Learn from the success stories shared here. Be the talents of the next generation!

Driver/Shepherd’s Daughter Achieves Dream

Vimleswary Sivasubmaniam

“I applied to the Graduate Programme and was called for an interview. I felt very lucky to be selected, I felt very happy. It turned out to be the best time of my life as I learned a lot and made many firm friends. We all cried when training ended because we all had to leave.”

Rubber Tapper’s Son Taps Success in Geared-Up Environment

Ching Eng

“We learned a lot like how to socialise with others, upgrade our skills (especially when communicating with others), improve our command of English and work in teams. My goal during the Graduate Programme was to get a job. I was lucky because after I left an SME in PJ, I went for an interview with Shimano and secured a job as an IT officer.”

Sago Collector’s Daughter Savours Success

Anita Sude

“I’m really happy with my life now. First of all, I have a job. Secondly, as fresh graduates, we couldn’t get any experience but with SL1M, I secured a job in a company that gave me on-the-job-training. I learned a lot.”

Strong Will and Desire to Improve Self Key to Noriza’s Success


“I felt really lucky to have joined the programme. It was my only chance. We were taught many things like how to communicate in English, grooming (how to dress for interviews) and what to do at interviews. We listened to many speakers who came to share their stories and give us tips on how to be successful. My confidence level has increased.”

Gaining Self-Confidence through SL1M Increases Employability

Head of Secretariat for Skim Latihan 1Malaysia (SL1M) Norashikin Ismail says SL1M trainees who have gained self-confidence will be able to transform and acquire the skills needed to become more employable.

SL1M, inspired by the Graduate Programme Bank Negara Malaysia (GPBNM), is aimed at equipping Malaysian graduates who have not found a job within six months after graduation with skills to make them more employable. Priority is given to those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Benefiting Graduates

“These graduates get on-the-job training and are schooled in the company’s culture so employers know their strengths and weaknesses or if they are a good fit for the company,” Norashikin explains, “and the companies have a ready talent pool to hire immediately”.

Benefiting Companies

There are also many benefits for companies, as SL1M functions a CSR-initiative for them. The companies are entitled to double-tax deduction on allowances and on-the-job training costs. This scheme will continue until Dec 31, 2016.

Benefiting the Nation

With more graduates being hired by GLCs, MNCs and SMEs, the productivity rate increases too. To date, more than 10,000 graduates have been trained and hired by small and large companies offering SL1M training.

Of the trainees who underwent SL1M, 95% have been hired, while the remaining graduates are still undergoing SL1M training. ·Have a bachelor’s degree from a Malaysian public/private or foreign university.

·Be unemployed for six months or longer.

·Be under-employed.

Take action now. Join SL1M and increase your employability factor!

Check SL1M website for application procedures: http://www.epu.gov.my/sl1m. Apply online.

Companies that are interested to participate in SL1M to offer training to graduates must register at www.jobsmalaysia.gov.my. Forms can be downloaded at www.epu.gov.my/sl1m


Source: myStarjob.com, Saturday April 13, 2013