The Entrepreneurial Quest 2014

Learning is not all about the classroom engagement but it extends across even further to the philosophy and art of experiential learning; working jointly on an activity especially to produce or create something that lingers on in their learning journey such as TEQ (The Entrepreneurial Quest).

Kick starting a business may never seem an easy task in perception. The adventurous four months of hard work, enthusiasm and determination of all seventeen learners of The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management paid off on the 24th of March 2014 when these learners had to bring forth their skills and talents by operating a small business for their final term project in the American Degree Program.

The project was an eye opener to many as the practical approach of having the opportunity to handle a business was challenging and interesting at the same time. Rather than just theoretically learning to become an entrepreneur and handle a business via classroom learning, learners were given the chance to experience as well as be creative and innovative in running their own business to produce positive final results (profits).

Learners had to come up with a business plan and execute a business by cultivating firsthand entrepreneurial skills to reach a minimum business profit of 40 percent. Learners had to overcome minor obstacles to create a successful business such as working with new team mates. It also taught learners how to deal or communicate with customers in order to build an established business in the real world.

All in all the fourteen weeks of teaching and learning journey gave a desirable sense of appreciation within learners in exploring their hidden business talent. It brought about a satiable insight towards a deciding factor of becoming an entrepreneur in the near future.

By: Kristen Priya

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