SPSS Workshop

SPSS Workshop

Making Sense of SPSS

On 6 July 2015, final year BSc Psychology students participated in a workshop on SPSS  conducted by Dr. Nor Diana Mohd. Mahudin from the Department of Psychology, International Islamic University Malaysia. Dr. Nor Diana completed her graduate studies in ergonomics (human factors) at Loughborough University and applied psychology at the University of Nottingham. The workshop was organized by Nur Aini Alegrea Suner, a Psychology lecturer from the Faculty of Education, SEGi College Subang Jaya.

The workshop started at 10:00 am and ended at 2:00 pm. The workshop was held  to help the final year degree students have a better understanding on various statistical analyses, and to train them to analyze, and interpret data relevant to their final year project. The event was a success as it met its objectives. Most of the students managed to have a clear understanding on how to analyze, interpret and present their data.

For final year BSc Psychology student, Sandra James, “the workshop was helpful as it allowed us to gain information within a limited time frame.  Our exposure to Statistics was brief and only taught to us during year 2 of Degree. Nevertheless Dr. Diana’s short workshop provided us with a better understanding of SPSS. Although we were not able to have a thorough SPSS class, her lecture was on point and she took the time to explain what we lacked in understanding. She also provided us with her insight on our Dissertation’s Statistical Analysis.More sessions like this would definitely benefit us in the long run as it will provide us with the means of improving our knowledge pertaining to statistics”.

Another equally satisfied was Shanushya Nair: “I found this workshop to be very helpful as I had some difficulties understanding certain concepts; this workshop has given me some knowledge especially in choosing the right statistical test, how the choice of model may affect the results and how to conduct it properly in SPSS. Since I’m doing my dissertation this semester and I’m required to conduct a research, this workshop has definitely helped me in answering my doubts and questions regarding my research”.

The Department of Psychology, Segi College Subang Jaya would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Nor Diana for generously giving her time and support in making this event a meaningful one for us.













Shanushya presenting Dr Nor Diana with our token of appreciation.

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