SEGi’s First Monologue Competition

Mentioning of monologue, most students would back away before even trying it out– which is precisely why this competition was held.

Many students were able to step out of their comfort zones to try their best to win in this competition. Although the competition was held in a short period of time, the students were able to meet the criteria set for their monologues.

Efforts were shown and characters were portrayed with in-depth meaning; along with dedication to the 1 minute-long script. Many found talents in themselves and realized that putting emotions into the script isn’t as easy as pie but challenging yet exciting.

Being able to watch students enact a character in their own way but not to their forte or style, is an enlightenment on how much potential one can unlock within themselves, all one has to do is to tap into their hidden talents.

Competitions as such can do way more than just finding oneself but also to unlock further abilities that may come of use and help in the near future. This competition has indeed brought forth students’ abilities!!!

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