SEGi Music Students’ Charity Concert Series

SEGi Music Students’ Charity Concert Series

The Charity Concert Series held on 18th and 20th of November 2013 at the Theatre Hall of SEGi College Subang Jaya was organized by the Music Students Society. This was their first project planned to provide a platform for music students to practice their performance skills while learning to use their talent to contribute something to care for the needy in the society. In addition to performances by music students, they had the kind assistance of two master musicians, Ms. Tee Hon Chu and Mr. Ulrich von Wrochem, to perform for this good cause.

The first concert of the Charity Concert Series was a Guitar Recital on Monday, 18th November. This classical guitar recital was performed by a local famous female guitarist, Miss Tee Hong Chu, who is a highly gifted guitarist with a fine technique and an ability to perform even the most demanding of works for the instrument.

The second concert in the series was the SMS (SEGi Music Students) Concert  on Wednesday, 20th November. The music students performed a variety of programmes in this concert, ranging from piano solos, violin solo, vocal solos, vocal duet, choir, choral and instrumental ensembles. Mr Liu Ban Hong, our senior lecturer, conducted the choir performance accompanied on the piano by Mr Chin Ying Soong, while Mr. Yii Kah Hoe, another senior lecturer, conducted compositions of his arrangement for the ensemble.

The third concert of the Charity Concert Series was to be a Viola Recital by Mr. Ulrich von Wrochem, a viola specialist from Germany. This was originally scheduled on Thursday, 21st November. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, Mr Ulrich had to cancel his trip to Malaysia one week before the recital.

Despite this setback, the remaining two concerts, especially the second one, were well attended by music students, their parents, and friends, as well as several of our very supportive SEGi staff. Mr Roslan, the head of the Faculty of Creative Arts and Design gave a speech on Dr Lisa’s behalf for the first concert, while Ms Sue Ann Chok, our deputy principal, gave her speech for the second concert.

From the two concerts, the Music Students Society collected a total of RM2229 from ticket sales as well as donation at the door. After deducting RM369 for expenses spent for the whole event, there was a balance of RM1860. This proceed was donated towards 3 charity causes at a 30-30-40% distribution: the H.E.A.R.T foundation Charity group, the Joyful Choir of the Blind, and the Phillipines Typhoon Haiyan relief aid.

This project provided a lot of learning experience for the music students, ranging from performance experiences in different groupings, to time management, team work, leadership, and negotiation skills as well as planning skills, especially for the organising committee. Despite working within a very tight schedule of coping with their practices and rehearsals on top of studies and assignments within a 7-week short semester, they enjoyed their performing and sharing of music througout the process, as shown in the photos below.

More photos can be found on : Charity Concert Series

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