SCSJ Aidilfitri Celebration on 31 July 2015

This year’s SCSJ Aidilfitri Celebration was held on 31 July 2015 or on the 15th day in the month of Syawal, 1436 Hijrah. With the excitement of Eid which was still felt, the staff get a chance to celebrate Hari Raya with their colleagues. It was a welcome break from their hectic schedule and the staff seized the opportunity in this gathering to socialise and strengthen the relationship with each other.

The blissful gathering took place at the Student Life and Culture Centre, 1st floor. Staff were seen dressed in their colourful traditional clothes and were greeted by Kalai Arasi and Rika Diana of FOBAA, the two emcees of the day.

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The staff were then addressed by the Principal, Dr Lisa Tan who expressed her gratitude and farewell to the Finance and Accounts team who will be transferred to Corporate Office at SEGi University soon.  Thereafter, #Discover SCSJ campaign was officially launched by Dr Lisa.



Mr Robert Antonides, Group Chief Operating Officer joined our Aidilfitri Celebration too.


The Finance and Accounts team



The staff were then treated to delicious delicacies. Nasi briyani, satay, lemang, sambal petai prawns, ayam masak merah and a few other traditional dishes for Hari Raya overflowed the buffet table, ready to be enjoyed by the staff. While enjoying their meal, the staff were entertained with Hari Raya songs performed by SCSJ’s band.

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At the end of the gathering, the Best Dressed Prizes was announced and the prize for female category went to Hanan bt Mohd Asri from Exam Department while for male category, the prize went to Shahrizal Ghazali from Management Office.


The eventful gathering finally ended at around 1:00pm. This gathering has definitely strengthen the bond among colleagues and build mutual trust.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin


A note of appreciation goes out to the Social Club Committee who had organise and put this event together. The Social Club Committee members are:


1)      Maxx Koh (FOBAA)

2)      Noor Syaliza (CCE)

3)      Shahrunizam (FOCAD)

4)      Muhd Syahir (HATS)

5)      Balvinder Kaur (FOAHS)

6)      Nurul Hana (CPUS-S)

7)      Kharinnisyak (Exam)


Event write up by : Siti Norazuwane (Administration Executive, Management Office)

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