Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Communications Studies Minor)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Communications Studies Minor)

This program is to educate and train counseling and psychology professionals by utilizing the highest external standards set by state and national licensing/certifying boards (America). Highly qualified faculty design and deliver psychology for communications studies programs through a wide range of instructional modalities. The psychology degree programs provide graduate education at regional and national locations. The program seeks qualified students from diverse populations. This program advances the counseling profession through quality and excellence in counselor education; ensuring a fair, consistent, and ethical decision-making process; serving as a responsible leader in protecting the public; promoting practices that reflect openness to growth, change and collaboration; and creating and strengthening standards that reflect the needs of society, respect the diversity of instructional approaches and strategies, and encourage program improvement and best practices.



The major is broad and allows students to greater understand either multimedia or the business world, depending on which of the common tracks the student decides to pursue. These tracks may include broadcasting, visual communications, written journalism, video journalism, sports reporting, web design and media graphics. Regardless of the track, students are expected to learn to write effectively for a multitude of audiences, develop analytical skills, deal with conflict and conduct research.



  • SPM with 5 credits in any subjects;
  • UEC with Grade B in 5 subjects;
  • or other equivalent qualifications approved by MOHE