Pre-U Mentor and Mentee Gathering

SEGi College Subang Jaya offers a variety of pre-university programmes. As of to date there are 400 students who have registered under the Pre-U programmes,comprising the Foundation in Science, Foundation in Commerce, Foundation in Arts and the Cambridge A-Level programme. As an initiative to welcome all the new students, the Head of Centre for Pre-U Studies, Miss Vilasini Kandiah together with the lecturers organized the Mentor & Mentee Gathering. It was held on 31st May 2013 at SEGI College Subang Jaya.

All the administrative staffs, lecturers and students attended the fun-filled evening gathering. The best part of this gathering was, senior students excitedly helped out the lecturers to organize entertaining activities such as dance performance, intercultural activities, role-play meet the peer buddy. It was a great pleasure as the senior students volunteered themselves to participate in the activities.

In additional,SEGI College Subang Jaya administration generously provided lunch for those who attended the gathering. Lunch session was cherished because all the students and lecturers had the opportunity to get to know each other and this was one of the ways to enrich their relationship.

The most essential session during the gathering was the announcement of mentors by Ms. Vila. The mentors were the determined lecturers who teach Pre-U programmes. The mentors who were chosen by Ms. Vila were very supportive as they are the ones who will be responsible in motivating their mentees (Pre-U students) to achieve excellent results. The mentors will extend pastoral care and assist the mentees in subjects that they are weak and be a friend to talk to in time of crisis. The mentors assigned for Foundation in Commerce were Ms. Bawani, Ms. Sabrina and Ms. Zoe; for Foundation in Science, the mentors are Ms. Lina, Ms. Kehma and Mr. Mohan.

Furthermore, to ensure that students also get involved in helping out each other, several optimistic students were chosen to give peer support to the newly registered students. The selected senior students were assigned to assist the newcomers when there is a need, especially settling down at SEGI College and learning to cope with studies.

Last but not least, before ending the fun and joyful gathering, Ms. Vila also welcomed the new Pre-U club committee for the year 2013. The valuable gathering was a great start for all the newcomers. Best wishes to all of them from Centre for Pre-U Studies.