Pre-U Activity Day



On the 11th July, the Faculty of Pre University Studies held a Pre U Activity Day at the lobby of Segi College Subang Jaya.  The themes of the activity varies from class to class for example the Semester 3 business students did exhibitions based on the theme, Women Entrepreneurs; while representing the English language subjects, the students came out with the idea to organize an Intercultural Awareness activity.

It was an overwhelming experience, lots of fun with the students’ hard work paid off.   There were a total of 8 booths and despite the space and resources constraints, the students all succeeded to work harmoniously and to accommodate   with whatever resources they have.  Among the several booths there, ECO2(Econs 2 students) participated in advertising Coca Cola in the entrepreneurship convention. The students advertised and promoted Coca Cola by having a couple of activities  planned  for people to win  free cans  of Coca Cola if they were able to triumph the  simple but tough challenge such as putting their taste buds to the test and guess which one was Coke. Coca Cola fans managed to swiftly point out the correct one but it was entertaining to watch the contemplating expression of others while they guessed.

The English students chose to present on five celebrations; Easter Day, Holi Celebration, Hari Gawai, Thai Celebration and Korean culture.  All the group members put in exceptional effort, and their presentation on that day reflected high amount of creativity that they have. From the feedback I get, everyone who visited the booth was invited to participate in the variety of games to their hearts’ desires. There was even an egg-painting activity was an exciting experience for both the lecturers and students!

Students in the 3rd semester in Foundation of Commerce set up 5 booths which portrayed the women entrepreneurs of our time such as Oprah Winfrey, Victoria Beckham, Coco Chanel and JK Rowling.  It was amazing to see the amount of effort they put in to attract the crowd to their booths.  Among the exhibits we can see lucky draws where visitors were invited to put their hands in the box and retrieve some ‘egg’ to find out the mystery prize which was contained inside.  Of course the gifts come with a price!!  The visitors had to solve some innovative quizzes and puzzles which the students meticulously prepared.  There were even jigsaw puzzles in which the “Introduction to Business’ students had the face of Oprah Winfrey messed up and students have to guess the pair of eyes which belong to Anna Olson.  The students were also creative enough to have a “Leave Your Comment” guestbook in which visitors can write about their impressions towards the whole event.

Who doesn’t like freebies?  I was impressed by the gifts and freebies by the students which include drinks and snacks, which the students found sponsors for; cupcakes, chocolate cookies, milo tins, bookmarks and pens.  This shows the spirit of generosity and enthusiasm for the whole event.  Overall the feedback was all the freebies were given away and appreciated by the visitors.

Students from other classes also prepared bookmarks as a token of participation with fun Thai phrases to be kept as remembrance.   For the Foundation in Science group, the science experiments were a lot of fun to watch with live experiments being conducted and I actually learnt that yeast and soap detergent makes a lethal combination!!

In summary, the Pre-U activity Day was a successful event with good support and active participation of students. It shows that our students have a spirit of teamwork and entrepreneurship with good attitude.  All credit of the success goes to the students’ exceptional effort and lecturers who helped to guide them to make it memorable event!