Messy Play Workshop by Chung Shang Leng (BAEYE Student)

On 6th Nov 2014, Chung Shang Leng, a Bachelor of Arts in Early Years Education (BAEYE) student, conducted a workshop on ‘Messy Play’ for Diploma and Certifiate in Early Childhood Education (DECE and CECE) students who are doing ECE1005N Play and Learning course.

The workshop is to empower Shang Leng and enhance her confidence in speaking to different types of audience. BAEYE does not end with teaching young children only but provides many more other opportunitiessuch as being a trainer or a lecturer.


All students are paying attention on how to prepare ‘messy play’ for children.


Students are having fun with messy play.


From messy play to ‘gak’ to education.


This is what children can do with ‘gak’ – a balloon!


3D art work from shaving cream and glue.

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