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*Fahim Bin Fadzlishah, Diploma in Creative Multimedia student shared his internship experience with Luey Motion Lab. He was involved in exciting project, ‘Yuna and The Palauans take over USA’ in Los Angeles.


My internship with Luey Motion Lab has been nothing short of an eye and mind opening journey thus far. With the sheer presence of genius from its Executive Director, Mr. Zul Luey, he mentored me with the crafts he had honed and encouraged me to explore mine. Secondarily, besides having to engage with amazing people through projects, to travel has been so much a part of the modus operandi that it has steadily brewing a soft spot in me. From places with arresting geologies to bustling spaces in between cities, these multiple exposures Luey Motion Lab had laid on the table kept me on my toes to look for more. And much to my delight an opportunity to work in Los Angeles on an exciting project, ‘Yuna and The Palauans take over USA’ came up and left the rookie me smiling like a loon.

So with lonely smiles we adjourned to a whirlwind of super packed 14-days recording schedule, this unforgettable gig solidified my thirst for travelling. Skateboarding to sunsets by Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier, night strolling along streets to the real faces of Hollywood, honouring full-fledged touristic fun in one euphorically-themed place that is Universal Studios, and the cherry on top -being surprised to have lunch with the Incubus-famed Mike Einziger at his rock star Malibu pad. Teamed with my four analogue cameras, I took much pleasure in capturing the gorgeous skies and the sun. Just the brilliant LA weather was enough of a reason for me to keep exploring the city and the efficient, app-accessible, public transportation braced my enthusiasm even more!

The ‘American Dream’ notion seems alive and breathing from time to time during my visit there. Opportunities are effortlessly drawn to just about any perceived craft to be passing by their lawn. As we were recording with our gears and entourage, a handful of the curious approached us and the interested made us blush with their keenness to stay in contact whilst name cards eagerly exchanged. To take this in as an overwhelming experience would perhaps be an understatement -as I have since suited up my guts to really just do whatever worth my curiosity- and any urge to communicate and to express should come second to none. With high hopes to keep my newfound gusto going, I keep my thirst for travelling quenched whenever I get to -and still keeping LA in my list too!

There are much more to share, but it would eat more pages. Do show our project some love on YouTube and that would perhaps fill you in on what we have worked on -all five episodes in total, a Luey Motion Lab’s product that I hold dear to.

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