Engineering & The Build Environment

Engineering & The Build Environment

The Faculty/School of Engineering focuses on a student-centered environment, allowing student-teacher interaction from Malaysia and our partner universities worldwide. You have access to work in advanced laboratories and workshops with essential tools in the development of engineering skills. The programmes are delivered using applied methodologies and state-of-the-art engineering facilities.

We offers an impressive range of engineering disciplines from Foundation and Diploma through to Bachelor and Master degrees in disciplines including chemical engineering, electrical & electronic engineering and mechanical engineering. Our engineering students have gone on to write many success stories and the Faculty is proud to count more than 200 students who obtained First Class Honours in engineering from top-notch universities worldwide.

Built environment refers to man made structures and infrastructure. This includes everything from simple housing to entire cities, and even man-made outdoor environments. Its nature provides the basic necessities for human life, which is why it’s crucial to be functional and healthy for all – a balance that’s challenging, and consistently being refined.

Built Environment covers a variety disciplines such as architecture, construction, project management, environmental design and planning. You get to address professional, industrial and consultancy activities while exploring relationship between the buildings/cities and individuals, communities and organisations that inhabit them, ensuring they develop a prosperous future in the growing job market.

We offer leading-edge programmes in the areas of Environmental Technology, Construction Management and Civil Engineering.