Disney Musical Theatre

It was a great pleasure to have musical theatre performance of Disney On SEGI Broadway jointly organized by the English Unit in collaboration of the Faculty of Art and Design respectively representing Academic English students.

Music has its language.

Music has its pattern.

Music has its vocabulary.

Music is fun and exciting.

Through music and songs, we can learn the language excitingly.

After the entire up and down throughout the students’ preparation, it was a heartfelt performance specially brought by the FOCAD’s.

It was a wonderful and pleasure moment for all of the FOCAD students in acquire language academically in different way and it has been an exciting day for the audience.

Last but not least, it gives value in enhancing their proficiency through songs and music while enriching their vocabulary. To acquire a language, it has to be fun and creative so that it comes easily and exceptional.

IMG_0024  IMG_0028

IMG_0091  IMG_0173

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