Diploma in Music

Diploma in Music

Music as an art form and universal language has tremendous impact on human society, and music as a professional realm is a challenging field.

At SEGi, you get to explore different genres, areas of contemporary music theory, composition and performance – all aimed at taking you to a new level of inspired expression. The teaching team comprises full-time lecturers with professional experience, supplemented by part-time music specialists.

Look forward to regular contacts through visits, seminars and master classes with professional musicians from abroad.



As graduates of the SEGi Diploma in Music, you can pursue careers including:

  • Music Instrumentalist
  • Teachers
  • Music Producer
  • Musicologist
  • Music Supervisor
  • Vocalist
  • Music Biographer
  • Programme Director
  • Music Critic
  • Music Arranger
  • Music Journalist
  • Music Researcher
  • Orchestra Performer
  • Conductor & Music Educator



  • SPM / O-Levels / SM2; or
  • equivalent qualification (3 credits)