Diploma in Mass Communication

Diploma in Mass Communication

This programme has been designed to cater to the high demand for skilled professionals in the fields of advertising, multimedia, public relations and broadcasting.

Moreover, this diploma programme also aims to instill students with technological know-how and many invaluable skills to produce industry-centric graduates who are computer and IT-savvy, to enable them to excel in the global communications industry.

Upon completion of this programme, students will be fully equipped with exceptional design skills, presentation skills, communication skills, writing skills and management skills to apply in the challenging and competitive public relations, advertising and broadcasting industry.




Graduates can look forward to enter a wide variety of fields, including:

  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • Corporate Communications
  • Event management



  • SPM / O-Levels / SM2; or
  • Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School UEC Certificate; or
  • Malaysian Certificate of Education (MCE); or
  • Any qualification equivalent (3 credits)