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An event from the English and language Centre

Choral speaking ? This lingers through everyone minds when the students first heard from their lecturer Ms.Grace .The students  never thought a bunch of college students would do ”choral speaking” anymore. It seems, lame and childish. Some students thought it was splendid idea, as it brings back the good old memories back in high school. Just like going back to a memory lane. Where else, for other students just want to experience new things and would want to – JUST.DO.IT.

   What is choral speaking, you may ask ? In my point of view, it requires a group of students to orally interpret out loud and recite from memory. In choral speaking, students will have to say things at the same pace with different tunes and with some facial expression. This choral speaking also requires a student as a conductor to guide the group, making sure to say things the right time, at proper rhythm and making it extra cheerful.

 The lecturer, Ms Grace assigned this project early of the semester and helped students  to prepare the scripts and dividing solo’s and in pairs.

   On the 15th of November, the Choral speaking performance was held in the Theater Hall at 6th floor, SEGi College, Subang Jaya. FOCAD’s students were instructed to be there early for final preparation and to manage the standing position on the stage. In this event, the theme was black & white. To make it look more outstanding, each and everyone wore masks in different shapes with colorful colors. These had made our choral speaking more interesting and fun.

 The choral speaking performance was opened to all Segi College students. They were informed by their lecturers and also posters which had been pasted in the elevators. Many students from different faculties had dropped by and watched the performance that started at 12:30 pm.  Our master of ceremony (MC) of the day were Adnan and Pavitra. Both did a great opening. Ms.Vila,  gave  a short speech on the importance of English Language to the students. Our choral speaking performance was a success and it ended beautifully. The audience cheered and enjoyed the show. All of us felt very proud when we the audience even took part in the event by repeating the script together that was conducted by the conductor, Hana. The looks on their faces and expression seems they had fun, enjoyed and learned new words, such as supercalifragelisticexpialidocious . It is the most biggest, longest and cleverest word they had ever heard.

   To summarize it up, students  appreciated  this wonderful experience. It definitely helped them to sharpen their English language and trained them to speak in public. The students thanked Ms. Grace who supported and guided them through this learning process and encouraging them to do something outside their comfort zone.

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