Children’s Health and Wellbeing

A talk by Dr Gowri from Klang General Hospital  on the topic ‘Children’s Health and Well-being’ was held on Thursday 12 June 2014 in Theatre Hall on the 6th Floor. The talk is part of the Year 2 BAEYE programme for the course SOCW 1173 Supporting the Social Well-being of Children and their Families: Workplace Experience 2. One of the components in the course is the need for working with multi-agencies. To put theory into practice, students are encouraged to work collaboratively with other agencies to promote the well-being of children and their families. Thus, the whole process of bringing in the doctor to give the talk was undertaken by students themselves.

Dr Gowri

Dr. Gowri from Klang General Hospital

Dip+Deg Student

Diploma and Degree students from Faculty of Education listening attentively to the talk.

Dr Gowri - Talk

Dr Gowri during the talk.


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