BAEYE Community Event

BAEYE Community Event

12 Year 1 students of the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Early Years Education – University of Greenwich, UK programme got themselves busy involving in some community events in July 2014.

As partial fulfillment of the course ACAD1276 An Introduction to the Children’s Workforce: Workplace Experience, the students were required to provide evidence of contribution to the community and reflect, based on the theoretical perspectives, on their experience of group work.

Teamwork and effective communication and organisational skills which are part of the Common Core of Skills and Knowledge for the Children’s Workforce are crucial elements in the early years profession.

One group of students were involved in a charity jumble sale organised by a local parenting group which attracted many parents and children. The students organised and set up a drawing and face painting booths and helped in photographing the event.

Another group volunteered at an orphanage and played games, did story-telling and handicraft work with the children. There was also a simple cooking session organised for the children. Through this experience, the students were exposed to and also learned to become more aware of the needs of the children in an orphanage and appreciated what was provided for them.


Students setting up booth at the charity jumble sale.


Students helping out other volunteers.


The crowd who turned up at the charity jumble sale.


Students attending to children at the drawing booth.

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