American Degree Program

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The American Degree Program provides you with the opportunity to experience the American education system. You will experience an all rounded approach, balanced by theoreotical and practical knowledge via lectures, group work, projects, presentations and field trips among others. The program enhances your academic performance through various coursework, with less focus on examinations.The multifaceted assessment included in this program is designed to take a more nuanced and textured approach to measure your achievements.


Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the ADP program students will have the opportunity to gain employment across a number of industries (depending on their choice of major).



– Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts (Promotion)

– Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts (Psychology)

– Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Communications Studies)


– Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Global General Business)

– Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Global Business)


Entry Requirements

SPM / O-Level 5 credits holders are eligible for direct entry into Year 1 and can complete the course within 4 years (full-time).

STPM / A-level (2 principal passes) holders are eligible to enter the program. Certain campuses do not allow for STPM exemption due to MQA restrictions.