‘Age of dimension’ – SMK Batu Unjur, Klang

SEGI College Subang Jaya Diploma in Creative Multimedia 2015  students conducted a 2d and 3d animation to SMK Batu Ujur school. This project was lead by Mr Khor Creative Multimedia lecturer as part of student’s community work.

SMK Batu Ujur students were required to produce a 2d and 3d animation storyboard with materials given such as hard cover board, magazine, glue and scissors. Participants’ artwork were selected.

Below are the winners. Session ended at 10am.


Group photo with Mr Khor and Diploma Creative Multimedia ’15 – SMK Batu Ujur Klang


Mr Khor explaining the 2d to 3 d mock – Age of dimension workshop  


Students in process of creating 3D story board …..


Winner Team 1


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