A Glimpse of World Music

A Glimpse of World Music

On 8th January 2015, Students of Bachelor in Music Studies from the Faculty of Creative Arts & Design conducted a Music Performance called “A Glimpse of World Music”. The performance was part of the practical assessment for the students.

We had the pleasure of having Mr. David Lancaster and Mr. Murphy McCaleb from York St. John University to attend and assess the music performance.
The performance kicked off at 12.00PM, where the performing students showcased their exploration of music from around the world – Malay folksongs, Indonesian Gamelan, Irish folksong, and a medley of pieces from the Middle East. The students also explore different music elements from these regions and showcase their understanding as reflected in the application of these elements in the composition and arrangements performed that day.

The two assessors from York St. John were particularly impressed with our students’ innovative assimilation of Indonesian Gamelan with simple instruments such as handbells, xylophone, brass cymbals, etc.

Overall, it was a fantastic performance by the students and we look forward to more performances in the future.




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